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Color Powder Extinguisher

A holi color extinguisher is a device that basically looks like a fire extinguisher but instead of flame extinguishing material, it helps to disperse the holi colors across a large distance. If you are looking to throw holi powders over several meters of distance to create an intense cloud of color, then you can certainly use our products for the best experience. Radha Kishan Color World is the number one Color Powder Extinguisher Manufacturer in Hathras and we produce state of the art products that can appeal to buyers both in India and abroad. If you are looking to buy holi color extinguishers that deliver great performance while at the same time offer excellent value, then you can certainly choose our products for having the best experience. 

We assure complete safety at all times 

Being a company of Color Powder Extinguisher Suppliers in India that has been operating for a long time, we leave no stones unturned to create finished goods that are absolutely top of the line. The colors that we use with our extinguishers are made from 100% natural materials which means that they are totally safe for use. They are totally gentle to your skin and won’t cause any kind of dermatological issues or other health troubles. Our products are also totally free of lead or any other kind of harmful heavy metals. 

Finest products at the best prices

Our experts carry out in-depth quality tests with each and every product before approving them for sales. This means that you can get the finest materials when you choose us to buy your holi color extinguisher products. Being one of the finest Color Powder Extinguisher exporters in India, we also offer our products at the best prices so that you don’t have any trouble affording them. So contact us today for the most user friendly holi color extinguishers.

Leading Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of Holi Color Powder in Hathras, UP